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Save the Date!! Chris Cakes Pancakes are coming to Prairie Highlands October 23rd!!
Posted on Sep 6th, 2021

Hello Neighbors,
I wanted to get a note out to all asking you to Save the Date for a Pancake Feed with Chris Cakes!!  The Date will be October 23rd from 9AM to 11AM at the Prairie Highlands Golf Course Pavilion.  If you come to this event, you will get Chris Cakes Pancakes, Sausage, Coffee, Juice and / or Tang!!  What a BREAKFAST!!
This event is going to require a little more effort on your part than some of our other events.  We need to give Chris Cakes a solid estimate on the number of people who will attend.  The good news is that for all PH RESIDENTS the cost will be $0.00 or FREE.  You can do FREE can't you!!  You are welcome to bring your grandkids but there will be a $5.00 charge per plate for the grandkids and in-laws.  Only PH Residents are FREE!!
In addition, we are going to offer door prizes to our PH residents who register for the event!!  The prizes will range from gift certificates to baskets filled with goodies!!  So, to help us get the count, please register early and let us know how many people we can expect in your party!!  That will help us tremendously and the more accurate the count, the better we can ensure Chris Cakes has enough pancakes to go around, even for seconds!!  BTW, seconds on pancakes are FREE to everyone who takes their empty plate back to the serving line!!
Here's the contact information to register:  
Jeanne Rolf – 913-710-6644
Marlene Ziebel – 913-522-3769
Lisa Howard -  913-522-2604
Tickets for the door prizes will be handed out at the Pancake feed.  Children of PH RESIDENTS will receive tickets for door prizes also, as long as we know their names at registration!!  You don’t need to be present to win!!
So, Save the Date – October 23rd!!
Bill Garrett
Thank you,
Prairie Highlands Board