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Christmas Lights Awards
Posted on Dec 24th, 2020

Happy Holidays to All of Prairie Highlands,
First of all, I want to thank the 72 ;individuals who responded to our 2020 survey.  The results and comments were very insightful and greatly appreciated!!  As we pull together our plans for 2021, we will use the information you sent us!!  Thank You!!
Second, have I mentioned to you all how good I am at making mistakes?  If I haven't I'll tell you now, I'm really good at making mistakes!!  Just ask my wife!!  I made a good one last week.  While we were judging the Christmas Lights displays across Prairie Highlands, an incorrect address was written down in the dark.  The error was not spotted until after I sent the results out to the neighborhood.  I'll apologize now to the Hines Family!!  Their house did not win second place, instead it was the Taylor House with "JOY" in the front yard!!  So, once again, here are the results of the Christmas Lights Challenge:
First Place - The Teigen Family
Second Place - The Taylor Family
Third Place - The Kimball Family
These families will be getting a check, hopefully by next week at the latest, and the Teigen Family also has a nice sign created by Stormy Meyers in their yard.  The Board has also decided to award the Hines Family with a $25.00 check to make up for the mistake!!  Sorry again!!
With that, I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!  
Bill Garrett