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Annual Meeting and Officer Selection
Posted on Mar 5th, 2021

Hello Neighbors!!
I hope all of you came through the horrible cold snap last week with no major issues!!  I heard that several home associations north of us lost power but as far as i know, no one in our HOA did!!  I think we were fortunate!!  Of course I'm catching grief here at home because of my wish to move to Texas over the last few years!!  I'm glad to be in Kansas now though!!
Well on with business!!
A couple of weeks ago we held our Annual Meeting.  This was our first attempt at using ZOOM as a vehicle to host our meeting.  We ended up with 23 attendees and 8 Board members were in attendance.  From comments I've received, the meeting appears to have gone off well.  It was shorter than our normal meetings have been.  We have a number of items we are focused on as we move into 2021 so I expect it will be a busy year.  Here are a few notes I took from the meeting:
We are in excellent financial shape!!
We will be installing a "sail" to provide shade by the Children's Pool.  If it goes over well, another "Sail" will be installed next year in the general area for shade.
There were a number of positive comments regarding our Christmas Lights this year
We will continue to use survey's to gain insight into what everyone wants.  We had almost 75 responses to the first survey.
We changed vendors for snow removal in the Villa's and it appears to be going well this year with positive cost savings.
We accepted bids for grounds maintenance and plan to award the bid tentatively at this point to Signature Lawns.  Pricing and overall contact with the vendor is positive.
In 2021 we will request bids for new signage coming into Prairie Highlands on St. Andrews (Bids only at this time, no constructions)
In 2021 we plan on reviewing the Prairie Highlands Rules and By-Laws.  They have been in place for almost 20 years and may need updating.  If so, it is a lengthy process to actually update these and will require input from the HOA.  If anyone would like to serve on this committee, please contact me.
In a subsequent meeting following the Annual HOA Meeting, the Board for 2021 was elected.
Your Officers are:
Bill Garrett - President
Don Morgan - Vice President
Lisa Howard - Treasurer
Jeanne Rolf - Secretary
Stormy Meyer - Board Member
Marlene Ziebel - Board Member
Todd Erickson - Board Member
Jermery Jones - Board Member
In 2021, we will have the following Committees - The Board Member leading the Committee is also listed
Architecture - Jermery Jones & Lisa Howard
Grounds Committee - Bill Garrett & Don Morgan
Villa's - Don Morgan
Pool - Marlene Ziebel
Social - Jeanne Rolf
Welcome - Stormy Meyer
Christmas - Lisa Howard & Marlene Ziebel
IT - Jermery Jones
By-Laws and Covenants - TBD
If anyone would like to serve on any of these committees, please contact one of the Board Members on the committee.  We always are looking for help so please don't be shy and bashful!!  
Thanks to all of the Board and Committee Members!!  It's because of you that Prairie Highlands is a truly great place to live!!  Your make a great team!!
To all of our residents:  Thank You as well!!  We all look forward to working with you to make this a tremendous community!!
Bill Garrett