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Upcoming Events and a "Save the Date"
Posted on Mar 11th, 2021

Hello Neighbors,
As we're getting ready to start the NCAA Tourney for Prairie Highlands, I want to thank all the new bracketologists for joining in the fun of the tourney.   There is still room for more participants so if you would like to join the mayhem, send me an email!!
I've had several people ask about our Prairie Highlands Easter Egg Hunt and our Garage Sale Event.  After talking with the Social Committee I agree with them that the Easter Eg Hunt should be canceled this year.  Once we've moved heavily into Kansas Phase III, I will feel better about social groups and gatherings. 
That being said, I believe we should be at that point by June, 2021.  For that reason I think we should have the Prairie Highlands Garage Sale Event.  In fact, I've already asked HAS to start looking at how we can put out a newspaper ad a couple of weeks prior to the event.
So!!  Save the Date for June 4th and 5th!!
Finally, I've asked Lisa Howard to Chair a new Committee at Prairie Highlands.  The committee is being formed to review and update our Prairie Highlands By-Laws and Regulations.  I would like to ask anyone in our neighborhood who is interested to contact either myself or Lisa if they are interested in being on this committee.  We have a number of By-Laws and Regulations that are out of date (after almost 19 years) so it's time we took a look at these.  My THANKS goes out to Lisa for agreeing to Chair this important committee!!
Have a great day!!
Bill Garrett
President Prairie Highlands HOA