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Request Manager
READ FIRST:  Are you on the right HOA site?  
Oak Run and The Greens at Prairie Highlands are neighboring neighborhoods/independent homes associations, this site is for Prairie Highlands HOA which is outlined in this map.
All exterior modifications must be approved by the Prairie Highlands Architectural Control Committee.  The restrictive covenants can be found here:  HOA Bi-Laws
Double check, are you on the right HOA site?
To begin the process, submit your request directly to the Prairie Highlands Architecture Control Committee using the digital form below.  Just fill out requested information on your screen and hit "Submit".  Your request will automatically be sent to the Prairie Highlands Architectural Review Committee. 
Download, complete, and send the application below (in either a Word or Adobe format) providing as much detail about your project as possible along with any appropriate support material (e.g. drawings, product brochure, etc.) to Home Association Solutions for processing via fax (913) 825 - 0003  or email rjallen@hasolutions.net :
Lisa Howard - Chairperson
The Architectural Control Committee has not and does not express any opinion regarding the strength, engineering design or safety of said construction project. If a building permit is required, it must be obtained from the City of Olathe and submitted to the Architectural Control Committee along with the request for construction of your project. It is the homeowner's responsibility to see that the project is in compliance with all building codes, zoning ordinances and other laws and regulations.
Online Architecture Change Request
If your street is not listed then verify you are on the right HOA site?
Note: File attachments are limited to 10MB each. If you have multiple files to attach, create your ticket attaching the first file then open your ticket after it is created to attach the additional files.
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Maximum Image Dimensions: 4100px