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RC-Prohibited Exterior Structures - Trampolines, Portable Basketball Goals, Shed, etc.

The following Exterior Structures shall be prohibited:
  • animal runs
  • trampolines
  • portable basketball goals
  • tennis courts paddle tennis courts
  • bee houses
  • batting cages
  • detached greenhouses
  • other detached outbuildings.
Except as otherwise provided in Section 2, no residence or Exterior Structure, or any-portion thereof, shall ever be placed, erected or used for business, professional, trade or commercial purposes on any Lot; provided, however, that this restriction shall not prevent an Owner from maintaining an office area in his residence in accordance with the applicable ordinances of the City.
No shed, barn, detached garage or other storage facility shall be erected upon, moved onto or maintained upon any Lot.
Storage shall be permitted under a deck provided such area is screened as otherwise authorized herein.
television, radio, citizens' band, short wave or other antenna
satellite dish (other than as provided below)
solar panel
clothes line or pole
or other unsightly projection shall be attached to the exterior of any residence or Exterior Structure or erected in any yard.
Should any part or all of the restriction set forth in the preceding sentence be unenforceable because it violates a statute-or the First Amendment or any other provision of the United States Constitution, the Approving Party shall have the right to establish rules and regulations regarding the location, size, landscaping and other aesthetic aspects of such projections so as to reasonably control the impact of such projections on the Subdivision, and all parts thereof, and any such rules and regulations shall be binding upon all of the Lots.
Notwithstanding any provision within this Declaration to the contrary, small satellite dishes (maximum 25 inches in diameter) may be installed, with the prior written consent and in accordance with the requirements of the Approving Party, so as not to be readily visible from the street and to render the installation as inoffensive as possible to other Owners.