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RC-Lawns, Landscaping, and Gardens.

No artificial flowers, trees or other vegetation shall be permitted on the exterior of any residence or in the yard. Sculptures, bird baths, fountains and similar decorative objects are allowed on the exterior of the residence or in the yard only with the specific witten approval of the Approving Party.
Prior to occupancy, all lawns, including all areas between each residence and any adjacent street, regardless of the existence and location of any fence, monument, boundary wall, berm, sidewalk or right-of-way line, shall be fully sodded and shall remain fully sodded at all times thereafter; provided, however, that the Owner of a Lot may leave or subsequently create a portion of the Lot as a native area with the express written -- permission of the Approving Party.
No lawn shall be planted with zoysia or buffalo grass.
Prior to occupancy, the Owner thereof shall landscape the Lot to the same standards as that generally prevailing throughout the Subdivision (which shall include, but not be limited to, a minimum expenditure of $1,000.00 on foundation plantings in the front yard plus at least one hardwood tree of two inch or more caliper in the front yard (in addition to any trees planted by the Developer)).
All landscaping shall be installed in accordance with the landscaping plans approved by the DRC.
To the extent any of the forgoing items are not completed prior to occupancy, the Owner shall escrow funds, in an amount (if any) and manner determined by the Developer, to assure such installation when weather permits.
No Owner shall water a Lot such that there is significant runoff onto any adjacent Lot or Common Area.
No Owner shall use any lake as a water source for a sprinkler system for watering a Lot.
All vegetable gardens shall be located behind the rear corners of the residence (as determined by the Approving Party) and at least five feet away from the boundary of the Lot.
No vegetable garden(s) shall exceed 100 square feet in size on any Lot, except with the prior written consent of the Approving Party.
The lawn of each Lot shall be kept in good condition at all times and uniformly mowed and clipped with a length of grass not to exceed four inches.
The Developer shall have the right (but not the obligation) to install one or more trees on each Lot.
The type of tree(s) and location shall be selected by the Developer in its absolute discretion.
Each Owner shall properly water, maintain and replace all trees and landscaping on the Owner's Lot (including any trees planted by or for the Developer, but excluding those in a Common Area maintained by the Homes Association).