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Additional and supplemental requirements for Villas Lots.
The Villas Lots shall be subject to the following additional or supplemental covenants, restrictions, easements, and other provisions:
(a) All Villas Lots shall have a system installed (with a keyed control panel located on the exterior of the residence) prior to occupancy covering the entire front, rear and side yards of the Villas Lot.
Each owner shall use the sprinkler system as necessary or appropriate (as determined by the Approving Party): during the late spring, summer and early fall months.
The Homes Association shall be provided with a key to each sprinkler system by the Owner and shall have the right to operate the sprinkler system if the Owner fails or refuses to do so.
(b) Fences shall be allowed on the Villas Lots only for purposes of enclosing a patio area.
(c) Water from sump pumps and downspouts shall be connected to underground drains that direct the water away from residences (actual and future)
(d) No barbecue grills, combustible materials or similar fire hazard shall be - placed or maintained (even temporarily) in any yard within 10 feet of another residence.
(e) All hot tubs, dog houses and vegetable gardens on the Villas Lots must be within an enclosed patio area
(f) Each owner of a villas Lot and the Homes Association shall have a perpetual nonexclusive easement on and over the adjacent side yard of each adjacent Villas Lot for the sole and limited purpose of providing reasonable ingress and egress for the maintenance and repair of the Owner's residence, utility lines and connections, lawn and landscaping.
The Owner or the Homes association utilizing such easement shall be responsible for minimizing and repairing any damage done to the adjacent Villas lot in connection with the use of such easement.